I have been there - more stuff than space. Books, magazines, clothes, shoes, CD, DVDs, and a growing obsession with tableware and candles!  I had so much that often I couldn’t find what I wanted when I needed it. So, I would rush right out and buy another one only to find my first (or second one) later. Or, I would buy it thinking it would “revolutionize” my life, not use it, forget I had it, see it again in the store and buy it again because it would revolutionize my life (again). I wasted a lot of money on duplicate purchases. Frustrating!


In addition to my inability to manage my stuff, I had an increasing sense of feeling powerless in my life. Life was getting complicated, uncertain, expensive, and generally too big. I had a growing feeling of life being out of control, an endless need to keep up, and that nagging feeling that there has got to be "more."  I didn’t feel I had many options;
life had me in a corner. I was 32 years-old. What was wrong with me?


So I headed to the bookstore to find a cure (and three or four more books that I may get around to read).


I began to explore the volunteer simplicity movement with the help of a simplicity circle formed by a group of like-minded folks. We all came to our monthly meeting with different interests, backgrounds and goals. We used the book, “The Circle of Simplicity: Return to the Good Life” written by Cecile Andrew, author and community builder. The “Circle” allowed us to explore the many aspects of living a more simple life.


As a result of the Circle, I had a life-changing, ah-ha moment:
I didn’t need more, I needed enough!  

As a result of the simplicity movement, I paired down our belongs to those things we used, loved, and cherished. We got our spending under control and set up a savings system. And we used green products, recycled, pre-cycled, and all but eliminated the junk mail coming to the house.  Seeing the dramatic changes in my life and lives of others going through similiar changes, I formed more Circles throughout the city and organized simplicity presentations and a few workshops to organizations, schools, churches, and clubs.


Many year later, I have learned to apply the concept of living more simply to every organizing and productivity effort.
If it’s not simple, it’s not going to work. And I am not a minimalist. I feel very strongly that we should love the things we have, honor them by using them, and/or displaying them in a way that brings a deep appreciation and love of the item(s). I will encourage you to explore your own idea of enough. And I will help you create a
personalized organizing plan that will work for years to come.


I mix my knowledge of simplicity with 15 years experience in higher education working with adults with various learning styles. I have seen how learning challenges like ADHD, processing disorders, and traumatic brain injuries can impact the individual (and the entire family). There are methods that can help with organization and use of time.

If your goal is to be able to find your keys in the morning, be able to invite guests into your home without feeling embarrassed, or begin to reclaim your life and feel empowered, Your Organizing Unleashed can help YOU.